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Finish Install if they close it?

parent 618144f7
......@@ -943,7 +943,12 @@ function E:Install()
local close = CreateFrame('Button', 'InstallCloseButton', f, 'UIPanelCloseButton, BackdropTemplate')
close:Point('TOPRIGHT', f, 'TOPRIGHT')
close:SetScript('OnClick', function() f:Hide() end)
close:SetScript('OnClick', function()
-- Wasn't sure if we should run the InstallComplete function which will reload the ui for just clicking X to close it...
-- Simpy, Azil and I were sure what your thoughts on just saying it's complete
E.private.install_complete = E.version
local logo = f:CreateTexture('InstallTutorialImage', 'OVERLAY')
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