Commit 7ee5d48f authored by Darth Predator's avatar Darth Predator


parent 309be807
v3.5 [January 22nd, 2019]
- Armory and afk screen now support Wakanda trolls and humans living on ships
- Character armory option to color ilvl text based on quality now allows you to select another variant - based on items ilvl compared to average equipped ilvl. Same or higher ilvl will be green, all below will become more red the bigger the difference is.
......@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@ Fixes:
- DBM icon for skinned minimap button is now correct
- Some profile db conversion was added to account for ilvl text coloring option. Last one with hearthstone priority went withoput problems, but who knows. Just keep an eye on it.
- More attempts to fix seemingly random issue with character armory breaking on equipping new gear. If it breaks again, I'll need as much info of what happened for about a minute period before everything went to hell.
v3.492 [Decamber 19, 2018]
## Interface: 80100
## Title: |cff1784d1ElvUI|r |cff9482c9Shadow & Light|r
## Author: Darth Predator, Repooc
## Version: 3.492
## Version: 3.5
## Notes: Plugin-edit for |cff1784d1ElvUI|r adding additional features.
## Notes-ruRU: Плагин-редакция для |cff1784d1ElvUI|r, добавляющий новые функции.
## URL:
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